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Gary McDowell
Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, I have BA and MSci degrees in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) from the University of Cambridge, UK and studied protein folding before beginning a PhD in Oncology, also at the University of Cambridge. After postdocs at Harvard Med School and Tufts, I'm the Executive Director the Future of Research organization, a grassroots group advocating for improvement to academia and science.

bioRxiv, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, #ASAPbio, and scooping

Gary McDowellMay 13, 2017Comments
The movement in the biological sciences to archive preprints, or complete scientific manuscripts that are uploaded by the authors to a public server, has grown dramatically and successfully since the first ASAPbio meeting I attended at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 2016. The growth of preprint archiving in biology over time has been dramatic, with many preprints being archived by a ~  read more

Doing a disservice to Future “Heroes of CRISPR”

Gary McDowellJan 24, 2016Comments
Two weeks before leaving Harvard Medical School, I went to a symposium on the recent breakthrough discovery of CRISPR. It was 2013. Le Cong, Luhan Yang, Patrick David Hsu (graduate students working with George Church and/or Feng Zhang) and Hui Yang, a postdoc with Rudolf Jaenisch, all gave talks on their most recent work. The room was packed with graduate students and postdocs; the talks were ~  read more