Looking for the scientist's spouse?

Lenny Teytelman May 21, 2016

Leslie Vosshal noticed yesterday that when you search for a woman scientist, Google seems to often predict that it's their spouse you really want to read about.

Matt Davis noted that the same often happens when you search for famous men.

This made me curious and I decided to check the Google suggestions for the first 50 women listed on the HHMI site, comparing to the first 50 HHMI men. (Yes, I did that late on a Friday night. No, in retrospect, it was not the most riveting experience. At least, with kids asleep and the wife at a conference, I wasn't being anti-social.)

One of the four Google suggestions was "husband" for 3/50 women. For the men, Google recommended "wife" for 2/50 scientists. So, it appears that the spouse search auto-completion isn't very common, and it may not be all that different for men versus women. 


HHMI Women:

Name Spouse in GoogleHint?
Susan Ackerman
Kristi Anseth
Tania Baker
Cornelia Bargmann
Bonnie Bassler
Dominique Bergmann
Carolyn Bertozzi
Sangeeta Bhatia yes
Sue Biggins
Olga Boudker
Linda Buck
Constance Cepko
Jue Chen
Xuemei Chen
Vivian Cheung
Joanne Chory
Yang Dan
Abby Dernburg
Xinnian Dong
Jennifer Doudna yes
Catherine Drennan
Cahterine Dulac
Elizabeth Engle
Susan Ferror-Novick
Elaine Fuchs
Britt Glaunsinger
Helen Hobbs
Hopi Hoekstra yes
Lora Hooper
Akiko Iwasaki
Christine Jacobs-Wagner
Lily Jan
Yishi Jin
Leemor Joshua-tor
Dorothee Kern
Judith Kimble
Nicole King
Jeannie Lee
Ruth Lehmann
Beth Levine
Susan Lindquist
Karolin Luger
Philippa Marrack
Barbara Meyer
Melissa Moore
Dianne Newman
Eva Nogales
Kim Orth
Tanya Paull


Name Spouse in GoogleHint?
David Agard
Paul Ahlquist
Frederick Alt
David Anderson
Richard Axel yes
David Baker
James Bardwell
David Bartel
Peter Baumann
Philip Beachy
Stephen Bell
Hugo Bellen
Philip Benfey
Vann Bennett
Paul Bieniasz
Gunter Blobel
Squire Booker
Michael Brainard
Ronald Breaker
Carlos Brody
Axel Brunger
Carlos Bustamante
Bradley Cairns
Andrew Camilli
Kevin Campbell
Jean-Laurent Casanova
Thomas Cech
Christopher Chang
Edwin Chapman
Zhijian Chen
Yifan Cheng
Arul Chinnaiyan
David Clapham
Adam Cohen
David Corey
Geral Crabtree
Peter Cresswell
Jason Cyster
George Daley
Jeffery Dangl
Robert Darnell
Mark Davis
Roger Davis
Pietro De Camilli
Edward De Robertis
Karl Deisseroth yes
Joseph DeRisi
Raymond Deshaies
Harry Dietz